A Global Network of Experts

Thanks to our network-based organization, our 250 business units provide our customers with a competitive edge by leveraging and sharing experience and best practices.
To maintain this consistent level of high performance, Omexom has developed clubs to focus on our key business lines, including electricity generation, renewable energy, lines, substations, automation and many more.
We are committed to driving innovative and sustainable Power responsibility practices, which positions us at the forefront of the market. All our business units share common values and objectives in the fields of safety/security, training and innovation.

Focusing on Daily Innovation

innovationAt Omexom, innovation means commitment to daily progress in all process areas: technology, marketing, methods, management, security and safety. 

We develop with our network of companies specific innovations adapted to the constraints of our business and to the needs of our customers, while facilitating and increasingly securing the work of our teams. 

Striving for Market Innovation

Omexom participates in discussions in many technical institutions within the energy sector:

  • Think SmartGrids: the association aims to develop the Smart grids sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and around the world
  • Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire (SFEN): a French scientific association focusing on fostering progress in the nuclear science and technology fields. SFEN also plays a key educational role by building public awareness around nuclear energy challenges
  • Cigré: International Council of Large Electric Systems, composed of  the most important grid operators which gathered 90 countries
  • Technical and standardisation groups such as DKA (Deutschland Kraftwerk)

Omexom also contributes to the Fonds de Modernisation des Entreprises Nucléaires (Nuclear Modernisation Fund) and is a member of CSFN, the nuclear energy strategy committee.


Committed to Safety and Security

safety_and_securitySafety and security are our top priority.  Omexom shares innovations and best practices in this area across all our Business units, adapting them to local needs. This is reflected in many of our day-to-day actions, including Safety Days, site tours and the development of safety and quality procedures.  Above all, it is reflected by the individual commitment of each collaborator to their customers.

Omexom has also developed a wide range of safety programs that are regularly deployed throughout our organisation.  These include :

  • the “Zoé’s Life” program in France and the United Kingdom,
  • the “12 meses 23 causas” in Spain
  • the Linefit program in New Zealand.

In addition, in the european nuclear activity, we take care to keep the annual individual dose below 10 mSv, i.e. at 50% of the regulatory threshold and 40% of the EDF threshold.

Omexom Sécurité et prévention

Ergonomic and certified 

The Omexom Block means improved safety on overhead line construction sites.

IOmexom Concrete blockn Germany, and in response to a real-life incident on a construction site, Omexom has developed a safer alternative to protective scaffolding: a system with a reinforced wooden structure encased in a prefabricated, concrete block, in the Omexom brand colors.

These protective scaffolding, originally constructed entirely of wood, allow the cables to be held above the ground during an unwinding operation, such as for connecting two pylons for example. Until now, wooden poles were planted directly in the ground where they could stay for several weeks making them vulnerable to moisture, fungi and so on.

Associated with a concrete base, with an integrated hoisting and lashing frame, the system becomes safer and faster to install.

This innovation was rewarded with a prize at the first edition of the “Tennet Safety Award” organized by the electricity transmission operator at the end of 2016.

The “Omexom Block” is an ergonomic, standardized and certified solution, which finds multiple applications:

Omexom_Blocks Germany

  • protective scaffolding for roads and tracks
  • back anchoring of Towers
  • back anchoring of Stringing Maschines
  • back anchoring of Conductor drums
  • emergency construction on station


3D view of Omexom Block integrated hoisting and anchoring system

International Training Programs

Every year, Omexom invests 18 million euros in educational programs to ensure that we best serve our Power & Grid customers.

Our collaborators benefit from many expertise and skill training programs: seven theorical and pratical training centres in Czech Republic (Praha), in France (Nîmes, Lyon, Thiers, Pierrelatte and Macon) and in Germany (Korbussen).



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