When the city is changing: a new rectifier substation for tramline 7 in Rotterdam

To replace and move the existing rectifier substation for the heavily used tramline 7 in Rotterdam, Omexom Netherlands has been chosen for the engineering, building and commissioning of the rectifier substation. A real challenge in terms of execution time and access constraint.

Working in a very limited space and in a short timing

Before the replacement of the rectifier substation, the station was first moved under the planned new grandstand for the Excelsior stadium in order to create space for a student residence. Thus, the challenge for Omexom was not only to work in a very limited space and in a short timing during construction but also, areas had to remain accessible for maintenance after completion.

Mr Van Heel, Cluster Systems manager at RET (the public transport company of the city region of Rotterdam) commented:

“Omexom’s flexible attitude and the close cooperation contributed to the final result: a well-functioning rectifier substation, which had involved many external parties working in a difficult location.”

Read more on Omexom Netherlands website.

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