31.6-MWh battery storage at Cremzow substation

Constance Mercier/ January 8, 2020/ News

The installation of the 31.6-MWh battery storage at the Cremzow transformer station (Leclanché project) in Germany has been completed.

grossspeicher cremzow

In Cremzow, Germany,  a new 22 MW energy storage facility  to balance the German grid network has been built in collaboration with the Swiss specialist Leclanché. 

In that global project, Omexom’s teams in Germany supplied and installed ten battery storage stations including special fire protection equipment, plus a medium-voltage station and a transformer station for own consumption. They also took care of the complete cabling for the system. 

The result: a showcase project for the power of a modern, highly efficient storage and service solution in the European network.


This facility supports the stability of Germany’s grid network by providing frequency regulation services to the country’s Primary Control Reserve (PCR) market. The energy volume called up by the PCR for these services amounts to just under 1,470 MWh; the Cremzow large battery storage facility can provide up to 22 MW.