Comprehensive solutions for all the life cycle of nuclear power plants

Local & international nuclear power player

Nuclear power is world’s second largest source of low-carbon power. 

Positioned across the entire value chain and the complete life-cycle of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs), Omexom delivers a wide range of solutions for works and maintenance deliveries.

We are both a local and an international nuclear power player, working in Nuclear Power Plants in France, Europe, South Africa, China, Japan, Korea… Thanks to our technical expertise and vast experience across the world, we ensure complex projects implementation in regard to the highest levels of safety requirements to provide performance and reliable solutions. 

  • 0V to 400kV
  • Instrumentation & control-systems
  • Low & high voltage
  • General electrical installations
  • Electric and communications networks
  • Physical protections
  • New build and renewal projects:
  • Design and engineering
  • Qualification of equipment for seismic and radioactive requirements
  • Supplies
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Design and qualification of NDT systems
  • Data analysis
Control Services on Site:
  • Steam generators and heat exchangers
  • Primary and secondary circuits in NPPs
  • Know-how of all NDT technics and mastering of televisual inspections
Electrical maintenance:
  • Low and high voltage
  • Temporary cabling during unit overhauls
Instrumentation maintenance:
  • RIC and RGL refurbishment: C&S of neutronic Incore instrumentation
  • Valves and instruments
Other maintenances:
  • Access controls and physical protections
  • Annual outages maintenance
  • Post-operation and decommissioning