Global contractor for HV substations

The transformation of electricity – including air-insulated, gas-insulated and converter substations – is a longstanding core business for Omexom. As an EPC contractor, Omexom delivers value-added solutions during the complete life-cycle of substations, with an expertise that includes engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, revamping, and instrumentation and control. 

Omexom also carries out a strong expertise in automation, monitoring and control services to substations all over the world. 

Omexom has over than 100 years’ experience in the substation business line.  


Design, construction & maintenance of MV & LV substations

For medium and low voltage substations, Omexom supports its client throught administrative procedures, provides design studies and ensure civil works, lifting and implementation. Omexom is expert regarding connection, testing, commissioning, and maintenance.

With more than 150 local business units worldwide, we have a broad range of expertise. We work with various substations systems, including air and gas insulated systems, and indoor modular substations.

We provide a range of technical services, including feasibility studies, diagnosis, switchgear repair, power transformer refurbishment, and on-load tap changer maintenance.

HVDC Converter NorNed

HV Direct Current (HVDC) Substations

At Omexom, we specialise in helping HVDC converter stations meet their energy transition challenges. We design, construct, and maintain all HVDC substation equipment, including converters, capacitors, transformers and HVDC-specific devices. We also have the expertise to deliver HVDC transport infrastructures.

We understand the challenges faced by the electricity sector in Europe and throughout the world. We’re committed to promoting environmental sustainability, energy security and equity as part of the World Energy Council’s energy transition goals.

With 400 business units across the world, we have access to a talented team of local suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best team for your project.

We operate in 32 countries, working with local suppliers. Our de-centralized approach means we fully understand the cultural impact of the projects we’re involved in.