Omexom increases its market positioning entering the Nordics

/ January 21, 2019/ News

Infratek Group (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and Eitech Engineering will from January 21st, be part of Omexom, the VINCI Energies brand and network dedicated to energy transition in the entire value chain.

“The Nordics is an important market to us, it is in front regarding digitization within societies and renewable energies. Omexom entering the Nordics will contribute positively to strengthening our position as a major player in the European energy market services” says Julio de Almeida, Deputy Managing Director, VINCI Energies Europe.

VINCI Energies, the VINCI subsidiary specializing in energy, and information and communication technology, acquired both Infratek Group and Eitech just over a year ago. With these acquisitions, VINCI Energies continued to extend and consolidate its operations in Northern Europe.

“Turning Infratek Group and Eitech Engineering into Omexom is a natural step two. Now approx. 1,500 dedicated employees will be operating within Omexom business lines power, transmission, substations, distribution and territories. In Sweden Omexom will also operate within the railway business line. In Norway,Critical Power supply is as well a business line”, explains Julio de Almeida.

Omexom is a global brand consisting business in 32 countries with a revenue above 3.2 billion Euros (2017). It is a network driven player where access to competence and reference projects is shared across departments, countries and continents.

“Omexom in combination with Infratek and Eitech Engineering’s competence, history, skilled and dedicated employees we will be able to be an attractive partner to  customers on all levels within the Nordics. As a strong international network Omexom is a great opportunity for the employee’s careers and knowledge”, says Julio de Almeida.

Julio de Almeida, Deputy Managing Director, VINCI Energies Europe.

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