Omexom Profile 2020

Emilie Hayot/ January 30, 2020/ News

Omexom Profile Book

Discover the Omexom Profile book 2020! 

Gathering both the major projects of 2019/2020, it also highlights the path of Omexom.


In 2000, in order to support the development of global offerings and increase their visibility, Omexom, the brand specialising in the transport and transformation of high voltage electrical energy, was launched.

20 years that the brand exists but more than 200 years of expertise, projects, innovations, synergies. 

More than 200 years that the network has been contributing to making energy accessible in all countries, strengthening security of supply, and developing sustainable solutions.


Today, Omexom is positioned as an expert on the entire energy value-chain – from production, transportation and transformation to distribution and uses in the territories.