The professional role of electric power engineer

/ February 12, 2019/ News

There is no doubt that there is a great need for electric power engineers when society becomes increasingly technologically advanced and Sweden’s population continues to increase; which, among other things, requires more transport, healthcare facilities and larger building areas. We have interviewed Linda Pettersson, HR manager at Omexom in Sweden, about the job as electric power engineer, important properties and different career paths.

Hello Linda! Tell me a little about yourself.

I am an HR manager at Omexom in Sweden, previously called Infratek. I have been there for just over two years.

You are a member of the management team for the Electrical Engineer training. How does the need for electrical engineers look like?

There is a constant need for electric power engineer, both in Stockholm and other parts of the country.

What different professional roles does the education lead to?

The education leads to more different professional roles. With us at Omexom in Sweden, previous students have gone on as a prepared and junior project manager. Now we have a couple of very good interns with us who are interested in the work field, which is also a really good way into the industry.

Can you give some examples of what types of projects an electric power engineer can work with?

It can be anything from project planning, constructions and preparations to the execution phase as project manager.

How can a normal day like an electrician look like?

It is very difficult to answer, as the professional roles can differ very much. There are just as many responses to what there are alternative professions. But as a preparer, it may mean, for example, that you are in the office one day and have contact with a lot of people to obtain a permit that is needed to perform a project. Another day you are out in the field and are investigating the environment and doing measurements to prepare the work.

What qualities are important if you want to work as an electric engineer?

It is important to be interested and curious when you are new to a workplace, or to your LIA. To dare to ask and make sure to learn as much as possible from all the good colleagues in the industry. I would say that everyone I have met in this industry is very open and shares their knowledge and experiences, so just ask and learn as much as possible.

What opportunities are there for anyone who wants to invest in a career as an electric engineer?

There are many good opportunities, especially if you as a person are open to different paths into the industry. My colleagues know I appreciate that the work is varied, free and that you get a lot of responsibility. Overall, in the industry, my opinion is that it is a high level of well-being in the industry.


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