• 2020

    A brand that’s twenty years old and continuing to grow

  • 2019

    Building a 400 kV overhead line between Corinthe & Megalopolis,

  • 2018

    Creation of the first smart city project in Australia
    Canberra, Australia

  • 2018

    Commissioning of SIDRAP, the first wind-farm in Indonesia
    Sulawesi, Indonésia

  • 2017

    Repowering and securing of the distribution grid following hurricane Irma
    St Martin & St Barthélémy, France

  • 2017

    Inauguration by Emmanuel Macron of the largest solar power plant in West Africa, at this date
    Zagtouli, Burkina Faso

  • 2015

    Extension of the 380 kV high-voltage station
    Gemini offshore wind farm, Netherlands

  • 2014

    Doubling a 98 km long 400 kV line
    Výškov & Čechy Střed, Czech Republic

  • 2013

    Completion of the 400 kV line between the stations of Hutton & Quernmore-Tee
    Lancaster, United Kingdom

  • 2013

    Start of the restoration of two hydro power plants
    Mavuzi & Chicamba, Mozambique

  • 2003

    Completion of one of the biggest private 225 kV transformation stations on the steel plant of Sollac
    DK6, Dunkerque, France

  • 2002

    Construction of a 400 kV line connecting the city of Tavel and the nuclear plant of Tricastin
    PACA & Languedoc-Roussillon, France

  • 2000

    Creation of the Omexom Brand
    VINCI launches Omexom, a brand specialising in the transmission and transformation of high voltage electricity.

  • 1817

    La Maison Jean and Chabrié wins the contrat for candle-lighting and wood-fire heating for the Palais Bourbon

200 years of expertise in energy