Omexom has the skills to deliver a comprehensive project, encompassing all phases – innovation, feasibility, design, build and maintenance.
Reducing the total capital and operational expenditure of distribution networks while improving the safety, the security and the carbon footprint of the network is the key challenge driving Omexom’s offers.


Reducing the total capital and operational expenditure of distribution networks

Distribution System Operators (DSO) are faced with the challenge of changing costs related to the operation and maintenance of their assets. Preventive maintenance programs are evolving towards increasingly predictive models. With custom-made offers, Omexom proposes to its customers a large range of solutions such as:

  • Asset inspection​
  • Dispatch center
  • Live line work
  • Predictive maintenance​

The aims are always oriented towards:

  • Extend the life of their assets
  • Reduce or avoid outage time
  • Optimise resources

Improving Safety & Security

Networks can be seriously damaged during major climatic events or other external incidents (e.g. road accidents). To ensure continuity of service, managers must secure, repair and return infrastructure to service as quickly as possible.

Answer to major incidents

Omexom response teams’ are available to deal with major incidents

  • Response monitoring indicators and incident response time​
  • Equipment and materials optimised for different types of incidents​
  • Training and monitoring of teams with an in-house training centre​

Accompany DSOs

The permanent search for synergies and an ever-growing business network afford Omexom the tried and tested expertise to accompany DSOs in the expansion, upgrade and maintenance of their distribution networks, from regulator stations all the way to the meter. Omexom proposes to retailer the following services:

  • Meter exchange and installations (AMR/ERT)​
  • Meter reading services​
  • Customer service disconnects & turn-on​
  • Call center: scheduling appointments & dispatch

Reducing carbon footprint

The development of embedded or decentralised generation (wind, solar, etc.) and new uses (auto-generation, electromobility, etc.) is changing the role of distribution networks, which now collect the energy produced by the smallest generating facilities. With the growing need for renewable energies, the number of generation facilities and the demand for connection has increased considerably in recent years. Omexom proposes to its clients a holistic approach to integrate the new sources of energy:

  • Studies and connection works for renewable energy projects (wind, solar,…)​
  • Realisation of civil engineering works: ​
    • roads, fences, gates, ​
    • foundations (soil reinforcement)​
  • Installation and connection of delivery stations​
  • Georeferenced surveys​

Our main customers

Omexom works with local authorities and Distribution System Operators across the world. We’re involved in setting up electricity distribution networks to provide energy to both rural and urban areas. We work across every sector of the distribution chain from design and engineering, through routing and planning.

With 470 business units across the world, we have access to a talented team of local suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best team for your project.
We operate in 37 countries, working with local suppliers. We are committed to the highest levels of requirements in terms of quality, health and safety and the environment to deliver sustainable, efficient and secure solutions.

News related to Distribution

21/08/2023 Environment, Sweden, Underground distribution lines

Omexom in Sweden reduces environmental impact in distribution project

‘Groundbreaking’ takes on a new meaning at an underground distribution site for Omexom in Sweden:  the business unit and its project partners have inherently redesigned the project to adopt a comprehensive environmental approach.
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31/05/2023 Distribution, Finland

Eitech and Omexom sign contract for major power distribution project in Finland

Eitech in collaboration with Omexom has won the assignment to deliver and install the entire power distribution in an extensive infrastructure project in Finland. The large and complex project will begin in 2023 and will last for almost two years with completion scheduled by spring of 2025.
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24/01/2023 Distribution, Finland, Transmission

Omexom broadens its activities in Finland by welcoming TLT-Building and TLT-Connection

VINCI Energies acquired two multi-technical companies providing global solutions for electrical and telecommunication network operators in October 2022, and is accelerating their integration with two rebrandings: TLT-Building and TLT-Connection activities in transmission and distribution join Omexom in Finland, while TLT-Connection telecommunication business becomes Axians.
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08/11/2021 Distribution, Norway

Replacement of 108 electric meters in Norway

On January 1, 2019, the Norwegian authorities requested the installation of new automatic electricity meters in homes. Permissions have been granted to extend the timeframe for sites where the intervention is more complex than for individual households.
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01/06/2021 Distribution, High voltage, Innovation, Low voltage, Medium voltage, Overhead distribution lines, Overhead transmission lines, Senegal, Substations, Underground distribution lines, Underground transmission lines

Omexom completes its first full digital 225kV high voltage substation

On May 27th, 2021, Omexom teams in Senegal and Morocco commissioned the very first full digital 225 kV high voltage substation on the african continent.
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06/04/2021 Distribution, Norway

The green poles of the future at the Omexom Institute training centre in Norway

In a few years, it will be forbidden to use creosote-impregnated wooden poles, but the Omexom teams in Norway have already taken the consequences and installed new environmentally friendly poles made of composite wood and natural wood in encapsulated hard plastic.
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11/12/2020 Distribution, Germany, Outdoor lighting

Development of residential areas in Duisburg-Huckingen

Three business units from Omexom in Germany have been awarded a joint contract to develop a new 170,000 sq. m residential area with 30 housing units in Duisburg. The project includes preparatory work, installation of the district heating system, electrical works, connection to local substations and to the grid, a new gas pipe, installation of LED lighting system.
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27/08/2020 Asset inspection, Australia, Overhead distribution lines

Meet Shae Lee, asset inspector in Omexom Australia

Shae-Lee is the only female Asset Inspector working at Omexom in Australia. She began as a trainee in 2018, and she is now fully qualified and embracing her new role in Asset Services.
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11/06/2020 Underground distribution lines

IFA 2: a super grid project between France & Great Britain

Since 2018, Omexom teams have been carrying out, for ABB, the turnkey works of the transformer station located in Calvados, within the framework of the realization of the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) submarine line between France and England.
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