20/05/2022 Germany, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Dismantling project in Germany in a protected area  

In August 2019, Omexom in Germany was awarded lot 5 for the construction of a 380 kV link between Emden/Ost and Conneforde. The assignment included the modernization of the existing 220 kV connection. Three of the pylons to be replaced were located in the Herrenmoor nature reserve between the municipalities of Zetel and Westerstede in the district of Friesland.
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05/05/2022 Omexom Green Story, Substations, The Netherlands

Episode 8 – Omexom Green Story: Minimizing the impact of substation construction on biodiversity

This episode of the Omexom Green Story takes us to Eemshaven, in the Netherlands. Here, our local business unit has contributed to sowing 25 000 m2 of wildflowers native to the region around a new substation to offset the impact of the infrastructure on the local habitat. A bee hotel and an electric vehicle charging point on site further highlight the intention of rethinking our operations to minimiz the impact of substation construction ob biodiversity.
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13/04/2022 New Zealand, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Grid resilience: Omexom in New Zealand finishes work on Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project

On New Zealand’s South Island, Omexom crews have finished works on the Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project (CUWLP), a major step in securing the future of the country’s energy supply. By increasing the resilience of the electricity grid in the project area, CUWLP will facilitate further renewable energy development and reduce emissions by increasing New Zealand’s total share of renewable energy.
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07/04/2022 Brazil, Climate, Energy Transition, Environment, Omexom Green Story, Power, Solar

Episode 7 – Omexom Green Story: Ilumina Pantanal

Today, our Green Story takes us to the Brazilian Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetland and home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within Brazil, the Pantanal represents about 230,000 square kilometers divided between the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul and also extends into Bolivia and Paraguay.
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31/03/2022 France, Power, Solar

Omexom in France begins construction of two solar plants on former uranium mining sites

Omexom in France is starting the upgrading of two former uranium mining operations into photovoltaic power plants on behalf of NEOEN, a French company specializing in the production of electricity from renewable energies.
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09/03/2022 Electric mobility, Energy Transition, Innovation, The Netherlands

Webinar InMotion: How 50 Dutch students revolutionize the car racing industry

Electric vehicles are a main part of achieving the energy transition, Omexom’s mission. However, so far, traditional fuel cars represent one feature that prevents adopting electric mobility more widely: convenience. Despite government efforts across Europe, charging stations remain scarce, so reliability is a major challenge. Another one is charging time.
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03/03/2022 Climate, Electric mobility, France, Omexom Green Story

Episode 6 – Omexom Green Story: Promoting E-mobility throughout the VINCI Group

This sixth episode of the Omexom Green Story takes us to Paris, France, where a team of young engineers has made it their mission to make e-mobility accessible within the VINCI Group. Their initiative won the Evolution of practices prize in the climate category at the regional VINCI Environment Awards. Let's have a look!
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09/02/2022 Germany, High voltage, Offshore wind, Substations, The Netherlands, Wind

Dutch and German Omexom teams collaborate on Gemini Wind Park in the Netherlands

The Gemini Wind Park is one of largest offshore wind parks in Europe. Located in the North Sea, 85 km off the coast of the Netherlands, it became operational in 2017. With a rated capacity of 600 megawatts, Gemini generates renewable electricity for 1.5 million people while reducing CO₂ emissions by 1.25 million tons per year. Built between 2014 and 2017, the wind park will provide clean energy for decades to come. To make sure that Gemini performs at its best, operations and maintenance are a key part of the project.
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02/02/2022 Climate, Energy storage, Energy Transition, Environment, Power, Solar

Episode 5 – Omexom Green Story: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with autonomous base camps

Acting for the climate is one of the key priorities of VINCI’s environmental ambition. At Omexom, some of our Business Units have already developed ways to tackle this challenge and to produce the energy needed for base camps.
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24/01/2022 Australia, France, Germany, UK and RoI

Solidarity, a shared value

Within VINCI Energies, solidarity is one of our fundamental values. Throughout the world, our companies prove their commitments on a daily basis.
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