Focusing on Daily Innovation

This strategy is reflected in a number of major events organised to unite different players and lay foundations for the future. Examples include Vivatech, the European trade fair for new technologies, the Africarena Tour – the first startup challenge on the African continent – and the VINCI Energies hackathons set up in various countries.

Omexom is also working with startup DCbrain on ways to harness artificial intelligence for the power grid of the future. DCbrain has developed a system for displaying, analysing and optimising flows in complex electrical networks. Coupled with Omexom’s expertise in energy infrastructures, DCbrain’s technology opens up great opportunities for boosting efficiency in the grid, especially through the kind of real-time flow arbitrage that is being used on the Smartmagne collective self-consumption project in France.

Omexom companies are also developing other innovations in-house, such as the Nomad Mapping System that offers highly operational topographic surveys in hard-to-access environments. Designed to fit into a backpack, the Nomad Mapping System comprises a GPS, an inertial navigation system containing various ultra-accurate sensors, two laser scanners and five cameras. The data collected is then processed for use in visualisation tools. This innovative system deployed by Omexom can be further replicated and applied to buildings or the industrial sector.

Striving for Market Innovation

Omexom participates in discussions in many technical institutions within the energy sector:

  • Think SmartGrids:– The association aims to develop the Smart grids sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and around the world.
  • Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire (SFEN):– A French scientific association focusing on fostering progress in the nuclear science and technology fields. SFEN also plays a key educational role by building public awareness around nuclear energy challenges.
  • Cigré: – International Council of Large Electric Systems, composed of  the most important grid operators, which gathers 90 countries.

Omexom also contributes to the Fonds de Modernisation des Entreprises Nucléaires (Nuclear Modernisation Fund) and is a member of CSFN, the nuclear energy strategy committee.