Omexom in Sweden starts construction on three major projects, marks milestone in collaboration with both TSOs and DSOs

Sweden / Overhead transmission lines / Substations
Allman station in Sweden for Omexom

The Omexom business unit in Sundsvall has secured three new contracts with a total order amount of €70 million. Building on long-standing partnerships with clients Svenska kraftnät and Sundsvall Elnät AB, the projects include the reconstruction and new construction of Odensala which is the largest air-insulated switchgear in Sweden so far.

When [Odensala substation] is ready, it will increase capacity in Uppsala and the Stockholm area and contribute to increased operational reliability through modern electrical facilities.


Divisional head of networks at Svenska kraftnät

In addition to the station, a second Svenska kraftnät project, a 220 kV line relocation in Rätan, will increase the capacity of the network and improve reliability.

The modernization of three existing 130/10 kV stations for DSO Sundsvall Elnät AB will secure availability and increase capacity, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for the region.

The three new projects are extensive and will engage all the expertise we have within the business unit in Sundsvall, from engineers to technicians and assemblers, and create employment opportunities.


Business Unit Manager at Omexom in Sundsvall

Odensala – reconstruction and new construction of one of the largest AC stations in Sweden

Svenska kraftnät’s existing station in Odensala is to be expanded and a new 400 kV station is to be built to enable the connection of planned power lines. It is an important investment to meet the increased need for electricity in the Uppsala and Stockholm area. The new station is the largest air-insulated switchgear that Svenska kraftnät has procured and is being built on an area of a total of 192,000 square meters, which corresponds to almost 27 football pitches.

Rätan – 220 kV line relocation

Svenska kraftnät upgrading the 220 kV station Rätan to increase the capacity and stability of the transmission network in the area. Omexom has previously carried out two renewal projects in the Rätan, and now receives continued trust from Svenska kraftnät to continue the strategically important upgrade. The project has started and will continue until the summer of 2025.

Sundsvall Elnät AB – modernization of three substations

In order to secure availability and increase capacity in the power grid in Sundsvall, Sundsvall Elnät AB is investing in three existing 130/10 kV stations. Omexom’s assignment consists of renewing the 130-kV switchgear in station M3 Södra Berget and expanding the 10-kV switchgear in stations M4 Gärdetjärn and M6 Granlo. The modernization will continue until the summer of 2026.

All three projects are part of Omexom’s commitment to supporting the energy transition and helping its customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Omexom in Sweden is proud to be a part of these important projects that will help to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply for Sweden.