Business lines

From power to territories


Omexom offers an entire range of engineering, construction and maintenance services to its customers. As an integrator in the energy sector, Omexom supports them with complex project management and turnkey solutions.

We deliver comprehensive solutions to clients all over the world. We are a global network of power generation experts with a great knowlege of local requirements thanks to our local implementation across 32 countries.

 We benefit from the local competences of our network and who has a deep knowledge of the local technical regulations but we also provide global knowledge support with worldwide subsidiaries.

We work across different areas of the power generation infrastructures, from basic design to maintenance and operation. We specialise in: Hydro, Solar, Wind & Nuclear.

With 400 business units globally, we provide power transmission services to grid operators . Our de-centralized approach enables us to share best practices with our long-term contractors and see the benefits of our projects.

With access to a broad range of expertise, we provide customer-specific services using innovative tools, including helikarts and drones. We also provide steel structure workshops, alternative scaffolding systems, and catenary support systems.

In some cases our energy storage expertise allow us suffest postponing investments in the transmission grid by adding smart storage solutions instead of developing new lines.

We specialise in: HVDC Lines, Underground lines, Overhead lines & Lines engineering.

The transformation of electricity – including air-insulated, gas-insulated and converter substations – is a longstanding core business for Omexom. As an EPC contractor, Omexom delivers value-added solutions during the complete life-cycle of substations, with an expertise that includes engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, revamping, and instrumentation and control.

Omexom also provides automation, monitoring, and control services to substations all over the world. We’re committed to sharing best practices with our global network of experts, helping our customers meet their energy transition goals. Our de-centralized approach ensures that we understand the impact of our projects.

Omexom, works with  local authorities and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) across the world. We’re involved in setting up electricity distribution networks to provide energy to both rural and urban areas.

We work across every sector of the distribution chain from design and engineering, through routing and planning. 

Omexom supports the transformation of territories and provides energy transition services  which include territorial engineering, outdoor lighting networks, electric mobility projects, electromobility, local energy grids, energy storage solutions and smart cities. We work across every steps of a project (coception, construction, operation, maintenance and financing) and build long-term partnerships with local authorities.

We specialise in: Territorial engineering, outdoor lighting, electromobility, local energy grids and smart cities.