Renewable and clean energy source

Over 20 years of experience

The share of wind power in the world energy mix is expected to double by 2040, and consequently quadruple its installed capacity. Omexom has over 20 years experience in the wind energy sector and provides a wide range of services from project engineering to operation and maintenance. 

On top of its historical T&D activity, Omexom’s know-how of utilities and independent power producers’ contractual requirements are key to ensure the success of your wind project. Moreover, with its strong local network. Omexom has full knowledge of local grid requirements and practices.

Omexom engages in the highest levels of requirements in term of quality, environment, health and safety to deliver sustainable and efficient solutions.

  • Preliminary study (including Grid integration study compliant with Grid code)
  • Basic design of the CBOP** & EBOP*
  •  Geographical studies
  • Road design
  •  Turbine foundation design & soil reinforcement
  • Grid connection point design (including ancillary services solutions specifications)
  • Gathering system, substation & transmission line design
  •  Telecommunication system
  •  Protection plan
  • Earth work
  • Anchor cage & ferrule
  • Sleeves, earthing, reinforcements & concreting
  • Sealings & mortars
  • Trenches (drainage & electrical)
  • Turbine step-up LV-MV substation
  • Gathering system (underground & aerial) from turbine to step-up substation
  • Telecommunication system
  • MV-HV step-up substation including substation SCADA & interconnection of wind farm SCADA to the Grid
  • Ancillary services solution (including energy storage system, power factor compensation services & harmonics)
  • HV transmission line & HV underground cable
  • Extension of existing HV substation