Electricity supply security is a key concern for every country. The wide-scale integration of intermittent energy sources into the electrical grid is a major challenge for operators around the world, both in terms of adapting existing infrastructures, and of developing smart systems to balance supply and consumption across the Grid.
To meet these challenges, Omexom works with electricity transmission network operators and designs, builds and maintains high voltage lines throughout the world.
Omexom can manage and realize turnkey projects as an EPC contractor regardless of manufacturers technologies. This position confers a wide broad of expertise in accordance with clients’ requirements all over the world.

  • Engineering

    • Surveying and routing
    • Design and planning :
      • Calculations: electrical and civil
      • Concurrent engineering with OEMs
    • Pre-construction and installation design
  • Erection

    • Civil techniques directional and horizontal drilling
    • Civil works
    • Cable pulling and jointing
    • Cable termination
    • Dielectric tests
  • Maintenance

    • Measurement and assessment
    • Asset inspection
    • Emergency services
  • Specific expertise

    • OWTS (Oscillating Wave Test System): partial discharge measurement
    • Oil-filled cable repair service
  • Turnkey projects

    • Procurement
    • Access organisation
    • Trench implementation and opening
    • Protection works
    • Cable laying and pulling
    • Testing and commissioning

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