Electricity supply security is a key concern for every country. The wide-scale integration of intermittent energy sources into the electrical grid is a major challenge for operators around the world, both in terms of adapting existing infrastructures, and of developing smart systems to balance supply and consumption across the Grid.
With its extensive knowledge of power transmission, Omexom, as a global EPC contractor, offers its customers a wide span of services across all the lifecycle of infrastructures. Thanks to collaboration with start-ups, Omexom also collects and applies all the best expertise around the world.
From design to commissioning and maintenance, Omexom supports its customers throughout every stage of a project.

  • Engineering

    • Geotechnical investigation
      (topographical survey, routing, etc.)
    • Design and planning
      •  Structural and civil static calculations
      •  Concurrent engineering with OEMs
      • PLS-CADD expertise
    • Equipment specification and quality control
  • Construction

    • Supply and logistics
    • Worksite management
    • Erection, pulling and stringing
    • Roads and railway crossing
    • Commissioning
  • Special foundation turnkey solutions

    • Foundations design (surface and deep)
    • Foundations for new towers and reinforcement of existing ones
    • Deep foundations on driven and bored piles
    • Technical works by micro-piles and half-slab
    • Guying masts
  • Operation & maintenance

    • Condition assessment
    • Asset inspection (Lidar, UAVs, computer vision, photos, thermal cameras, etc.)
    • Emergency temporary towers
    • Fittings replacement
  • Reconstruction & reinforcement

    • Power line reconductoring and replacement of shield wire (OPGW)
    • Several techniques for live line work
    • Replacement of towers with isolated crane device