Largest Synchronous Condenser in Australia

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For greater penetration of renewable energies into the Australian energy mix, Omexom has installed and commissioned the first synchronous condenser in Australia, associated with a solar power plant on the Kiamal site.

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Commencing operation in Q3 2019, the 190 MVAr Kiamal Synchronous Condenser is the largest synchronous condenser installed in Australia and is currently in in operations. The Synchronous Condenser was delivered through an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract with Omexom and technology from Siemens.

The role of the Kiamal Synchronous Condenser is to contribute System Strength into the NW Victorian grid to help maintain network stability and is co-located with Stage 1 of Kiamal Solar Farm and connected into TransGrid’s Kiamal Terminal Station (KMTS).

Omexom’s teams have successfully installed and commissioned the Synchronous Condenser in Australia for Independent Power Producer Total Eren, in partnership with Siemens.

Located near Ouyen, North West Victoria, the 221 ton Synchronous Condenser will contribute to the protection of the electricity grid connected to the Kiamal 256 MWp Solar Farm.

This proven technology will continue to strengthen and stabilize the grid with many economic and environmental advantages.

Global climate change poses new challenges for power generation and transmission and we are delighted to have supported Total Eren and contributed to the security of the evolving national electricity market in Australia.

What is a synchronous condenser?

A synchronous condenser is a revolving machine with a vacuum-connection to the electrical power grid, and able to provide a significant intensity of short-circuit required for stabilisation. Its purpose is not to convert electric power to mechanical power or vice versa, but to adjust conditions on the electric power transmission grid.