Extension of the substation EOS380

/ August 13, 2020/ News

The Dutch government is investing in green energy. Solar panels and (offshore) windmills are being built throughout the Netherlands. The EOS380 substation is an important connection to the electrical network and other substations. Because of these green developments the electrical network needs more capacity and an extension of the EOS380 substation is required.

In 2015, Omexom teams in the Netherlands and Czech Republic started working together on the Substations EOS380 for the grid operator TenneT. 

Exactly 5 years later, they are back with the same team chemistry for the realization of the extension of the substation by two additional fields 380kV.
This project is the perfect example of the advantages of a worldwide network: reinforcing the taskforce temporary and sharing knowledge and expertise.
Beyond the project, it is also a human adventure!