Offering local authorities support, reinforcing outdoor lighting performance, encouraging electromobility, promoting local energy initiatives, developing smart solutions for cities

Omexom supports territories in their energy transition throught four dedicated offers: Territorial engineering, outdoor lighting, electromobility and local energy grids.

To date, our achievements include :

  • Studies and consulting missions for international donors and local authorities
  • Operation and maintenance of 1.7 million lighting points in France
  • Installation of more than 3500 charging points in Europe
  • Pilote projects for local grid initiatives in Marmagne, Baillif, Belo Horizonte
  • Deployment of three urban hypervisors, in Paris, Canberra and Rouen
Street lighting can account for as much as 45% of a city’s energy bill. In a context of energy transition, Omexom supports local authorities to save energy and display a better light for safer and nicer cities. Independent of any vendors, Omexom promotes integrated contracts (Design-Build-Operate-Maintain) and uses cutting-edge solutions to implement project based on customer’s needs. Omexom commits on global performance with typically 60% energy saving, 99% availability rate and 24h/7d call center over the duration of the contract. We also assist in transforming street lighting networks into multi-service platforms that can manage a wide range of equipment for smart cities. Omexom has over than 20 years’ experience in the street lighting.

To encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, Omexom assists local authorities and private companies with their electric mobility projects. Our technical expertise enables us to provide customized electric charging facilities in urban and rural locations.

We’re involved in every aspect of e-mobility projects from design to maintenance including civil and electrical works, operation and integration of payment systems.  

We understand the challenges faced by the electricity sector in Europe and throughout the world. We’re committed to promoting environmental sustainability, energy security and equity as part of the World Energy Council’s energy transition goals.

With 400 business units across the world, we have access to a talented team of local suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best team for your project.

We operate in 32 countries, working with local suppliers. Our de-centralized approach means we fully understand the cultural impact of the projects we’re involved in.