About us

Omexom Portugal is committed to driving innovative and sustainable power responsibility practices. Based in Loures (Lisbon district) and with an office in Maia (Oporto district), Omexom Portugal operates through 3 business units, offering solutions for different fields of expertise:

  • Distribution & Substations
  • Solar Power
  • Transmission

Our expertise

  • Distribution

    • Overhead Lines
    • Outdoor lighting
    • e-Mobility
  • Substations

    • Air insulated MV & LV Substations
      • Engineering & Procurement
      • Construction
      • Operation & Maintenance
    • Test & Diagnosis of MV cables
  • Solar Power

    • Engineering & Procurement
    • Construction
    • Operation & Maintenance
  • Transmission

    • HV Overhead Lines
      • Construction
      • Special foundation turnkey solutions
      • Operation & Maintenance
      • Reconstruction & Reinforcement


  • Omexom (Lisbon)

    Estrada Nacional 115, Km 78.67 – Edifício D
    2664-502 São Julião do Tojal
    Tel: (+351) 21 973 70 00
    Email: comunicacao.pt@omexom.com

  • Omexom (Oporto)

    Rua da Estrada, 984 – Lote 5 Moreira
    4470-600 Maia
    Tel: (+351) 22 943 74 10
    Email: comunicacao.pt@omexom.com


11/06/2021 Energy Transition, Transmission, UK and RoI

Omexom will build the world’s first 400kV Green Gas for Grid (G3) substation

In Scotland, Omexom has been awarded the contract by SSEN Transmission to build the world's first 400kV green gas substation (G3) at Kintore. The project is part of the client's plans to upgrade its network in the east of Scotland from 275kV to 400kV and to facilitate increased renewable energy generation in the region.
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02/06/2021 Electric mobility, Sweden, Territories

Lund becomes the fourth city in Sweden with a tramway

With good effect, Omexom finished the delivery of rectifier substations for the Lund tramway in Sweden. To meet the challenges in the project, for example busy roads, footpaths or cycle paths, and avoid disturbing Lund citizens, Omexom had to work on a new solution to carry out the project. Traditional construction would have involved extensive work with deliveries of building materials and electrical equipment that would have traveled through the streets. The delivered materials would have covered areas of the road where the substations would be located. This traffic would also have interfered with other simultaneous works.
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01/06/2021 Distribution, High voltage, Innovation, Low voltage, Medium voltage, Overhead distribution lines, Overhead transmission lines, Senegal, Substations, Underground distribution lines, Underground transmission lines

Omexom completes its first full digital 225kV high voltage substation

On May 27th, 2021, Omexom teams in Senegal and Morocco commissioned the very first full digital 225 kV high voltage substation on the african continent.
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07/05/2021 Belgium, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Bird markers on high-voltage overhead lines in Belgium

Birds often collide with high-voltage overhead lines because they have not seen them earlier. In order to make it easier for birds to see them and to reduce the number of collisions, Omexom in Belgium has installed bird markers on behalf of Elia – the Belgian high-voltage network operator – on the overhead line along the R4 road in Evergem, in the Ghent Canal Zone.
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05/05/2021 Electric mobility, Norway, Territories

Omexom will build the largest bus depot above the polar circle for electric buses

Omexom in Norway will build the largest bus depot for electric buses. On the 1st of October, the new bus terminal for electric buses in Nepåkeren in Bodø (Northern Norway) will be put into operation. The construction of the new bus terminal is highly significant for the electrification of public transport in the Bodø region.
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06/04/2021 Distribution, Norway

The green poles of the future at the Omexom Institute training centre in Norway

In a few years, it will be forbidden to use creosote-impregnated wooden poles, but the Omexom teams in Norway have already taken the consequences and installed new environmentally friendly poles made of composite wood and natural wood in encapsulated hard plastic.
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31/03/2021 Brazil, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Omexom completes transmission line for Rio do Vento wind farm

In March, Omexom in Brazil delivered for energisation a transmission line that is part of one of the largest wind power projects in the world: the Rio do Vento wind farm complex, for the customer Casa dos Ventos, one of the pioneers and largest developers of wind power projects in Brazil.
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11/03/2021 Brazil, Hydro, Power

Omexom has delivered for operation the last of the 44 production units of the Enel Green Power hydroelectric power plant automation project

In the beginning of February, Omexom commissioned Unit 5 of the Isamu Ikeda SHP plant, owned by Enel Green Power. This delivery represents the 44th and last of the production units that were part of Enel Green Power's project for automating Hydropower Plants.
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09/03/2021 Norway, Territories

Environmentally friendly light paths

In Norway, light trails are frequent, they are a balm in the heart for Norwegians who can ski there even when winter darkness has fallen.
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03/03/2021 Energy Transition, Germany, Overhead transmission lines

Meet Melanie Trenker, overhead line fitter at Omexom in Germany

Melanie Trenker is the first woman assembler in the construction of the high-voltage overhead line at Omexom in Germany. What she likes the most about her job: working on the mast, climbing, and being at height. By working at Omexom, she is proud to act for the energy transition
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