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About us

Omexom Portugal is committed to driving innovative and sustainable power responsibility practices. Based in Loures (Lisbon district) and with an office in Maia (Oporto district), Omexom Portugal operates through 3 business units, offering solutions for different fields of expertise:

  • Distribution & Substations
  • Solar Power
  • Transmission

Our expertise

  • Distribution

    • Overhead Lines
    • Outdoor lighting
    • e-Mobility
  • Substations

    • Air insulated MV & LV Substations
      • Engineering & Procurement
      • Construction
      • Operation & Maintenance
    • Test & Diagnosis of MV cables
  • Solar Power

    • Engineering & Procurement
    • Construction
    • Operation & Maintenance
  • Transmission

    • HV Overhead Lines
      • Construction
      • Special foundation turnkey solutions
      • Operation & Maintenance
      • Reconstruction & Reinforcement


  • Omexom (Lisbon)

    Estrada Nacional 115, Km 78.67 – Edifício D
    2664-502 São Julião do Tojal
    Tel: (+351) 21 973 70 00
    Email: comunicacao.pt@omexom.com

  • Omexom (Oporto)

    Rua da Estrada, 984 – Lote 5 Moreira
    4470-600 Maia
    Tel: (+351) 22 943 74 10
    Email: comunicacao.pt@omexom.com


14/01/2022 Energy Transition, France, Power, Power, Solar

France: Quarry lake makes comeback as solar farm

In Peyrolles-en-Provence, a small municipality 50 km from Marseille, industrial activity makes way to the production of solar energy. About half of the local population can now source green energy directly in their backyard.
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21/12/2021 Circular economy, Germany, Omexom Green Story

Episode 4 – Omexom Green Story: Recycle and reuse

In this fourth episode, we take a look at an initiative launched in one of our Omexom Business Units in Germany: the recycling of construction waste and its use in road construction. This initiative won the Evolution of practices prize in the circular economy category at the regional VINCI Environment Awards. Take a look at this initiative!
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15/12/2021 Belgium, Expertise, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Omexom dismantles a 70-year-old pylon by helicopter in the province of Liege

As part of the rehabilitation of existing sites, Omexom in Belgium was awarded a contract by Elia in July, to dismantle a high-voltage pylon dating from 1951 using a helicopter. This type of intervention is usually carried out from the ground using a crane, but the location of the pylon in question near the Carmeuse quarry did not allow for this configuration. The intervention of a helicopter and Omexom teams was therefore requested. This operation was carried out efficiently, with safety always a priority.
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13/12/2021 Electric mobility, Norway, Territories

First in Europe: the battery replacement station

Europe's first battery replacement station is built! In the municipality of Lier in Norway, near Oslo, the first electric car battery replacement station has been built. On behalf of the electric car manufacturer NIO, Omexom teams in Norway have designed, supplied the electrical infrastructure and then set up the battery replacement station itself.
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02/12/2021 Biodiversity, Environment, New Zealand, Omexom Green Story, Overhead transmission lines, Transmission

Episode 3 – Omexom Green Story: Extending steel life while eliminating zinc-based paint

Welcome to the third episode of the Omexom Green Story! Today, let's focus on an initiative of the Omexom teams in New Zealand: Extending steel life while eliminating zinc-based paint.
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15/11/2021 High voltage, Substations, Sweden

Omexom in Sweden is awarded a contract to operate and maintain the substations supplying the Stockholm metro

Omexom in Sweden was awarded a new contract by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik – the public transport authority for the Stockholm region – to operate and maintain the high-voltage substations that supply the Stockholm metro and the cities of Tvärbanan, Nockebybanan, Lidingöbanan, Saltsjöbanan, Roslagsbanan and Spårväg. With this new assignment, Omexom continues to ensure the power supply to SL's rail traffic.
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08/11/2021 Distribution, Norway

Replacement of 108 electric meters in Norway

On January 1, 2019, the Norwegian authorities requested the installation of new automatic electricity meters in homes. Permissions have been granted to extend the timeframe for sites where the intervention is more complex than for individual households.
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29/10/2021 Climate, Omexom Green Story

Episode 2 – Omexom Green Story: SF6 service on substations sites in the Netherlands

Welcome to our second episode of the Omexom Green Story. Let's talk about the SF6 gas and the solutions that can be used to avoid purchasing it.
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18/10/2021 Energy Transition, Substations, The Netherlands

Relocation of a traction substation in Rotterdam

Due to the construction of a new housing development on the Zuiderpark Weg in Rotterdam, the traction substation that powers the metro had to be relocated. To ensure reliability and quality, Omexom has been awarded by the Rotterdam transport company (RET) for its historical expertise in this specific area.
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