Omexom Institute


An open space to upgrade skills, inspire people and turn ideas into reallity

Our Mission

Omexom Institute is a learning network for the energy sector. It provides companies and individuals with the opportunity to upgrade their skills.

The energy market needs new talents and expertise to achieve the energy transition objectives. Omexom Institute aims to inspire people to turn their ideas into reality and contribute towards reaching these ambitious targets.
This approach contributes to the achievement of Omexom’s ambition to be the preferred partner of the energy industry stakeholders.

Training Centres

The training centres cover a range of training topics relevant to the electricity and gas market, including Traffic Lights Maintenance, Public Lighting, Safety in Substations, Self-Consumption and Overhead Lines inspection. The training provided complements our expertise in energy infrastructures.
Omexom Institute adopts a hands-on, practical approach to learning in keeping with the values of VINCI Energies.


  • 2018
  • 2019
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Omexom Institute’s e-learning platforms use local knowledge to connect Omexom learners internationally.
They provide a wide range of new insights into the energy market that arouse interest and upscale expertise. Through these platforms, Omexom’s knowledge is accessible to everyone and spreads the practice of local learning on a large scale. By improving and sharing the local content, Omexom aims to strengthen everyone’s performance and create value for all.