Omexom builds tenth HV substation for TenneT

/ February 8, 2019/ News

High-voltage grid manager TenneT has commissioned Omexom in the Netherlands to enhance Eemshaven’s electricity grid so that it can transport renewable energy.

The 8th of February, Nienke Homan, member of the Provincial Executive of Groningen, gave the go-ahead for the construction of a brand-new, 110-kV high-voltage substation at Eemshaven Midden. This high-voltage substation will be connected to the current high-voltage substation Eemshaven-Robbenplaat through a seven-kilometre-long underground cable that will also link it up with the regional and national electricity grid.

The new high-voltage substation is needed to transport renewable energy at and around Eemshaven seaport. More and more wind turbines will be built in the area in the coming years, which will lead to a big increase in the required transport capacity.


Groningen Seaports – consisting of the ports of Eemshaven and Delfzijl – already boasts 8,000 megawatts of production capacity for electricity and is also the terminal for offshore energy from the Gemini wind farm, the NorNed cable (between the Netherlands and Norway), and the COBRA cable between the Netherlands and Denmark (starting in 2019).

Eemshaven has the largest concentration of high-voltage substations in the Netherlands. Once the converter station for the COBRA submarine cable is commissioned in 2019, Eemshaven Midden will be TenneT’s tenth high-voltage substation locally. Grid manager TenneT is laying the foundations for a reliable electricity infrastructure in Groningen and already has advanced plans for a new 380-kV energy highway connecting Eemshaven to the Vierverlaten high-voltage substation near Groningen. This connection, which will replace the current 220-kV connection, is expected to be operational by 2022.


Omexom had already started the first groundworks for the 110-kV high-voltage substation at the end of 2018. The floor of the station will be poured from 8 February onwards, after which the site can be further developed and systems installed.  

A 110-kV underground cable connection of two circuits over a length of seven kilometres in the verge along Kwelderweg will create a link with Robbenplaat, the existing 110/220-kV high-voltage substation. The capacity of this high-voltage substation will be expanded to accommodate two new 110/220-kV transformers and create two new transformer fields.


The 8th of February, Nienke Homan, the Commissioner for Energy and Energy Transition for the Province of Groningen, started by pouring the first part of the floor for the new high-voltage substation together with TenneT manager Henk Barentsen and Omexom director Joop Wervers.


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