Omexom maintains the public lighting network of the Yaoundé Urban Community (Cameroon)

/ December 26, 2018/ Business Cases, contract, News

Omexom maintains the public lighting network of Yaoundé in Cameroon. A sharing of skills between the local and Parisian teams.

Since 1998, Omexom in Cameroon maintains the public lighting network of the city of Yaoundé in Cameroon. With the multi-year contract expiring in May 2018, the Yaoundé Urban Community launched a public tender for which the Omexom teams worked a great deal to renew this two-year strategic contract.

Use of City App CMMS

The Omexom teams have thus made an inventory of the Yaoundé lighting park and set up the City App computerized maintenance management system, developed in-house. Omexom has conducted an audit of the public lighting and traffic lights on the city of Yaoundé. For this, the Omexom team in Paris trained the local teams on the use of the software and tablets, and then launched the audit with them and followed it smoothly.

The maintenance of the city is now completely realized under City App, which makes it possible to follow all the interventions in real time, the past history but also the updated database.

Stakes of the project

Before the mission, the nature and even the number of luminous points on the city were only known approximately because no inventory had been made. The main objective was therefore to provide a reliable and well-controlled tool, and to train the local teams to carry out the inventory of the city and the management of lighting maintenance. Cameroonian teams have been able to modernize their maintenance management techniques.

And this beautiful collaboration between the Parisian and Cameroonian teams will continue.