Omexom strengthens its offer with FACES

/ October 29, 2018/ News

Expert fault analysis system for HV networks

Omexom acquires FACES, the Asset Optimization & Operation System allowing grid operators to guarantee electricity supply.

FACES: expert fault analysis system for HV networks

Paris La Défense, 20 February 2017 – Omexom strengthens its offer to grid operators with the acquisition of FACES, an expert fault analysis system that automatically – and in quasi-real time – detects and analyzes faults in HV networks.
A 100 km overhead power line records an average of 10 to 25 incidents per year due to weather conditions, falling trees, birds and other animals… such events need to be analyzed to understand the nature of the faults and localize them. Analyses provided by FACES software reduce the time spent on investigating faults, meaning less downtime before power is restored.

“FACES provides a solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of electricity grid operators who need to optimize how their infrastructures are run. Automatic fault analysis brings real improvement to how networks are managed, and as a result, guarantees less downtime and increased availability of their facilities” explains Olivier Grenesche, Director of Monitoring & Control Systems. […]

FACES also provides pertinent data to prevent repeat- or subsequent faults:

  • Reducing time required to restore power to HV networks after an incident
  • Troubleshooting future faults thanks to in-depth analysis of protection systems

Adapting to all types of grids, FACES will be part of Omexom’s offer benefiting all of its clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America.